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WHAM Art Association (WHAM) is a community oriented 501 (c) 3 organization that is bringing the ARTS to people of all ages, race, abilities, and economic status in many of the West Valley Cities. WHAM's mission is to provide innovative, multidisciplinary, arts-inclusive programming, exhibits, and projects to the diverse communities we serve. As an organization, we are interested in enhancing economic development and artistic collaboration for our members, the community, and other organizations.

WHAM Art Association is committed to support and promote art awareness and participation in the West Valley through exhibits, art walks, public art, festivals, art education and instructional art classes. Continuing our motto of being "Inclusive" not "Exclusive" bringing the ARTS to the masses WHAM not only teaches traditional art classes to adults and children but provides a variety of outreach programs to an under-served population such as: Veterans with PTSD; Persons with Disabilities and Special Needs; Teens at Risk and Patients with Alzheimer's. The 8500 sq. ft. WHAM Surprise community art center offers 15 working artist's studios, 3 classrooms, and a professional art gallery, and a traveling art studio to take art to the parks.

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